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>La Sexta

>Baja Advisor and friends have been known to spend time at La Estrella on Sixth Street. The area on Sixth, or La Sexta, has largely been known by locals to TJ for comfortable, small watering holes. Now La Sexta is having a great deal of new popularity among a new crowd of Tijuana locals.

See the article by Omar Millán for more detail: San Diego Red

>Tijuana gay bars update

>This is a current listing of the most popular cruise bars and dance clubs in Tijuana. Be sure to see the map for locations: Tijuana Map


PLAZA SANTA CECILIA is located in downtown Tijuana between 1st Street and Avenida Revolución and 2nd & Constitución. Ave. This plaza is easy to find because the famous Arch is at the end on Av. Revolución while the other famous arch (Mc Donald’s) is at the other end on Constitución. Revolución is Tijuana’s main tourist spot full of souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, and night clubs. The following bars are within Plaza Santa Cecilia. They open daily at 10:00 a.m. and remain open until at least 2:00 a.m., and even later on Fridays and Saturdays.

> El Ranchero is Tj’s most popular men’s bar for cruising. It has a ground floor and upper level. The upper level gets the busiest. Clientele consists of men of all ages and all economic backgrounds from both sides of the border. Some hustlers work it as well.

> Hawaii is a few doors to the right from El Ranchero as you look at the front door. It is most popular for its nightly male stripper shows.

> Villa Garcia is just to the right from Hawaii and under the same ownership as El Ranchero. It usually doesn’t get very busy, but often has drag shows on a small stage. Bar D.F. is several doors to the left of El Ranchero. Clientele mainly consists of older locals and younger macho types who hustle them.

> Cosmos – formerly El Taurino.  Tijuana and is located just one block from Plaza Sta Cecilia at the corner of Articulo 1-2-3 (First street) and Constitucion.  Mixed bar gay and straight.  The strip shows often split the crowd evenly between gay men and straight women.

> Premier is a strip club with all male dancers. This club is on Ave Revolucion, just down hill from the arch, located next to Motel Alaska. Club Premier


> Zky Blue is a spacious two-story, upscale dance club located in downtown Tijuana on Avenida Madero between 1st and 2nd (Juarez) Street, just one block east of Ave. Revolución. The building sits back from the street due to its front parking lot. Clientele primarily consists of middle-class twinks and middle-age men, middle-class on up, from both sides of the border.

> Colibri is similar in atmosphere and clientele to Zky, only it is not as large. It is located at the corner of 2nd & Revolución. The entrance consists of a stairway accessible from Ave. Revolución. The sign on the corner has a humming bird.

> Club 41 is known to have go-go dancers in cages and has a separate dance area between the entrance and bar. Club 41 is located between Colibri and Cameleon and attracts primarily the same crowd.

> Cameleon is next to Club 41 as you head toward the arch. Younger dance crowd much like you will find in Colibri or Club 41.

> Club Fusion (Extasis & Cahuamamamas) is approximately one block west of the San Ysidro border crossing on Calle Larroque just west of Av de la Amistad. This area is called Plaza Viva Tijuana and is where the Mc Donald’s is located just inside Tijuana at the pedestrian gate. If you cross the border on foot through the turnstiles, keep walking until you see the large “Tourist Information” booth slightly to your right, where you will then make a sharp right turn and walk to the next set of turnstiles. After passing through those turnstiles, keep walking across the street at the crosswalk, and continue in the same direction along the sidewalk for about a half a block to the entrance to the club. Club Fusion was once two separate clubs (Extasis and Cahuamamamas) until the owner of both “fused” the two together. The club is spacious, upscale, and includes male stripper shows and long, narrow dark rooms. Clientele primarily consists of twinks and middle-age men, middle-class on up, from both sides of the border.


> Yadira’s is located on Ave. Madero between 7th & 8th. It includes a number of pool tables and draws some straight clientele. Open from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

> Flame Bar is directly across the street from Zky Blue on Ave. Madero between 1st and 2nd, formerly called Bobby Bar.

>Gay TJ article in QX Magazine

>Derrik Chinn – Turista Libre – reviews gay TJ in QX magazine.
See the full article here: Turista Libre

>Sexual Assault Denounced

>TIJUANA, Baja California –
After some time of remaining quiet, he could not do it any longer. A young man, age 20, notified local police that he had been sexually assaulted by a group of men that is lead by a man known simply as “El Mudo” or The Mute One.

The man explained that he had been approached many times in the past by El Mudo for sexual activity, but had been able to evade him each time.

Eventually El Mudo gained access to the home where the young man lived and made threats against him at knife point. El Mudo then sexually assaulted the young man repeatedly threatening him with physical hard or death. The young man remained quiet out of fearfulness and did not report the attacks even to his family.

On January 9, there was a knock at the door of the home. The young man believed that his cousin who lived at the house was outside the door wanting to enter. It was then that several men burst into the home then bound the young man and covered his eyes in order to sexually assault him numerous times. The young man could not be sure of the number of people but believed he was assaulted by four individuals including El Mudo.

After having been attacked in such a way and suffering so many times, the young man finally reported the incidents to the local police.

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