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Archive for August, 2011

Tourist Assistance

To receive tourist assistance for all of Baja State by phone, dial 078 from a cell or land line.  If using a cell phone that is not native to Mexico, you will only reach tourist assistance if your phone is roaming and has attached to the local network.  English speaking operators are available around the clock.

Additionally, the very cramped tourist assistance booth on Av. Revolucion in Tijuana was closed and a store front location was opened during July.  Information about Baja, tours, restaurants, hotels, and discounts, or even directions on how to get to a location are available just by walking in.

As an additional note, the emergency line for police or medical services is 066.


Immigration Checks

The New York Times is coming late to the game in reporting that CBP is checking documentation of people crossing from the US into Mexico.  For those who have crossed into Baja via San Ysidro or Otay, you know these checks have been going on for quite a while.  Read the story by clicking the link below.

New York Times

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