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Tijuana Pride March – June 22

Start: 5:00pm
Place: 1st (articulo 123) between Mutalismo and 5 de Mayo
Marchers should arrive at 4:00pm 

The parade will cross 5 de Mayo to Segunda then to Revolucion. Good viewing spots will be along Sedunda at Constitucion or Revolucion near Plaza Santa Cecilia. 

The location is a ten minute walk or taxi ride from the San Ysidro / El Chaparral border crossing.


2012 – A good year for tourism in Baja

“Tijuana, Ensenada, Mexicali, Tecate y Playas de Rosarito have a lot to offer.”, says Brenda Colón Navar of Travel Video News.  Read the article here:  Travel Video News

Border crossing update – El Chaparral

The El Chaparral border crossing in to Tijuana (San Ysidro) is scheduled to officially open on November 1.

See the UT San Diego Article for more information.

San Ysidro Border Crossing Update

Much has been said and quite a bit has been done at the San Ysidro border crossing, but what will it all look like when it is done is still a bit of a question.

What has happened on the US side:
New pedestrian bridge has been built and most of the old bridge has been torn down. 
New secondary inspection for cars has been built and the old one has been torn down.
Ready lanes were added along Padre Kino and Via Rapida Oriente.

Planned next on the US side:
New pedestrian processing (northbound) and administration facility.
New pedestrian crossing (southbound) near the trolly station.
Realign I-5 to move .25 miles West in order to align with the new southbound crossing.
Add six northbound vehicle lanes.

What has happened on the MX side:
Built new bridges to downtown and to access roadway to Playas de Tijuana area
Widened several lanes near calles Larroque and Juventud (colonia Federal).

Planned next on the MX side:
Build southbound entry (El Chaparral) with 19 vehicle lanes
Build pedestrian plaza
Build public transportation hub (buses, taxi)

The biggest issue facing the undertaking is that most of the US projects have not yet been funded.  Additionally, Mexico states the new southbound crossing, El Chaparral, will be open by November 1, 2012 (not likely).  Even if El Chaparral is open during 2012, the US time line does not show redirecting I-5 for several more years.  This means the existing southbound crossing will remain in place for some time to come.

Below is a map overlay that provides a view of what the new crossings may look like.

Additional news items:
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