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Tijuana Places Updates

Sexy Rosa Boutique Romantica
Located on the corner of Av Revolucion and first at the base of the arch.
This is a top-notch shop for your romantic needs including toys, lubes, videos and many other things that might be fun. Located within the shop is a video arcade with more than 20 booths. The booths are well built and have locking doors for those who want to have some privacy. Many of the booths have glory holes for booth-to-booth watching or sharing.  The arcade has a maze of hallways that is dimly lit and a few spots for more public activity. Clean restrooms are available.  Entry fee is $60 MN for access to the booths, maze and videos. Lockers are available for $10 MN to store any valuables you may have in your pockets.  For specials and more see Cabinas Cogedera.


Baños Vica

The most openly gay bath in Tijuana, but still a mixed crowd. Older place but maintained. See review on the Maps page.

Romances Shop

Av Madero #1147 between 5th and 6th zona centro
There are six booths now with doors. Two booths play hetero videos, one plays trans & bi videos while three play man-on-man videos. 


Moski’s formerly called Machos.

Located on Second Street just a few feet from Av Revo.  Focus on Bears and those who like them.

Located on 8th near Madero. Primarily a bar for women but welcoming all.


Tijuana Places Update

See the map: Tijuana

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>Companionship services


It is true that man-for-man companionship services exist in Tijuana. It is also true that you can find companionship online through or, among others, and in the classified advertisements in El Mexicano newspaper. It is also true that meeting someone for companionship, online, in-person, or through an agency, can be tricky and even dangerous if you don’t keep your wits about you so there are some basic tips to follow:

– always ask for identificiation
– anyone over 18 must have legal ID
– be sure the person you will be with is of legal age
– meeting in a bar is not proof of age
– meet in a place you know whenever possible
– use safer sex practices and precautions
– use precaution with money and valuables
– always let the big head do the thinking, not the little head
– if your inner voice says you are in danger, LISTEN

Note: the age of consent in Baja was lowered to 16, however, if you are a US citizen you can still be prosectued by the US Federal authorities for sexual contact with a person younger than 18. The age of majority in Mexico is still 18, so if you offer alcohol or other intoxicants to a minor the Mexican authorites can prosecute on those grounds as well.

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