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Tijuana pedestrian crossing opens

The US and Mexico have been working for several years to modify and upgrade the crossing points in to Tijuana for several years.  The US has fully rebuilt the San Ysidro crossing going North to the US and continues to expand with additional auto lanes and streamlined pedestrian crossing.

Likewise in Mexico the El Chaparral crossing has created numerous additional auto lanes but not so much for pedestrians until now. The new Puerta Este for pedestrian crossers looks much more like you are arriving at an airport than any pedestrian facility seen before at a US border crossing.

For the most part the crossing is simple and crossers may be requested to push a button that will give a green light or red light. The green light means go on your way while the red light means you will be asked a few simple questions such as how long are you visiting Mexico, where you will visit and if you have anything to declare. The majority of people passing through the facility will have little scrutiny.

What is true, no matter if you are crossing by vehicle or on foot in to Mexico that there is much more scrutiny than ever before. The number of Customs Officials has increased dramatically. Click here to view a previous post regarding visa requirements to visit Tijuana.

Full story at San Diego Union Tribune.


Carnaval Ensenada

Dates:  February 7-12
Place: Cosetera Ensenada
Carnaval Ensenada is a huge gathering of locals from Baja and the Southwest U.S., as well as those who travel from other areas of Mexico.  The five day event is the third-largest Carnaval in Mexico only behind Mazatlan and Veracruz. 
The theme for 2013 is Festejemos México.  The focus will be upon traditional Mexican culture.  For this even there will be performers of all kinds including dancers, bands, artists and musicians.  The parade is a spectacle to see!

Ensenada is 70 miles south of Tijuana at the San Ysidro border crossing.  The Scenic (toll) Road is reliable and easy to drive.  Transportation can also be arranged with various bus companies and tour groups.

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Tourist Assistance

To receive tourist assistance for all of Baja State by phone, dial 078 from a cell or land line.  If using a cell phone that is not native to Mexico, you will only reach tourist assistance if your phone is roaming and has attached to the local network.  English speaking operators are available around the clock.

Additionally, the very cramped tourist assistance booth on Av. Revolucion in Tijuana was closed and a store front location was opened during July.  Information about Baja, tours, restaurants, hotels, and discounts, or even directions on how to get to a location are available just by walking in.

As an additional note, the emergency line for police or medical services is 066.

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