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>Baja Gay Marriage Ban Uncertain

>A proposed same-sex-marriage ban in Mexico’s Baja California state may not be a done deal. The constitutional amendment was passed Sept. 29, the last day that the National Action Party (PAN) had control of the Chamber of Deputies.

The next move was to send the amendment to the state’s five political subdivisions – the municipal councils of Ensenada, Mexicali, Rosarito Beach, Tecate, and Tijuana – for ratification. The councils then would have had a month to approve it, reject it, or do nothing, which would count as approval.

But the amendment has yet to be formally published and forwarded to the councils. That’s because on Oct. 1, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) took control of the Chamber of Deputies, taking the seats they won in this summer’s elections, and the PRI seemingly has not made the amendment a priority.

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