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Tijuana Airport Bridge

 The long awaited bridge to walk from parking in the US to the Tijuana airport has been built. It is expected that the customs and immigration facilities will open by the end of 2015. The enclosed bridge is 390 feet long and has divided north/south corridors. Ticketed passengers will be able to walk across between the United States and Mexico, avoiding lines at the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa ports of entry.

The bridge was built using private funds and cost an estimated $120-million USD. The developer, Otay Tijuana Venture, LLC, is calling the project “Cross Border Xpress.”  A fee for using the bridge has not been released but previous estimates run as low as $13 USD up to $20 USD, per passenger.


Tijuana Airport Plan Moving Forward

Over that past few months there has been talk of developing a way to get from Otay Mesa in San Diego that will feed directly to the airport in Tijuana (TIJ)  It appears the pedestrian bridge may move forward with construction to start as Spring 2013.  If the bridge is built it could mean more US travelers may be willing to use the Tijuana airport as they will have fewer struggles with parking or transportation.

For more details see the article in UT San Diego

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