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Avenida Revolución’s Revolution

Perhaps no street in Tijuana has been better known to American tourists over the past half century than Avenida Revolución.  Whether it was shopping for clothing, jewelry or leather goods, being photographed with the “zebra-striped” burro, enjoying some tasty comida Mexicana, or taking in some rowdy bar action, Revolución was the place to go. That’s all changed during the past decade.  

With the dwindling numbers of Americans, many afraid to cross the border, most of the small shops and many of the restaurants catering to tourists have closed their doors. But Revolución has been undergoing its own revolution. A new Avenida Revolucion is evolving filled with new art galleries, bookstores, restaurants, cafes and bars. And not catering to the American tourists, but to Tijuana’s residents…the young and the hip as well as the older and more affluent.  Three new arts passages have opened in the past few years and festivals to attract the locals are well attended.  Even Caesar’s Restaurant (home of the famous salad), taken over by Tijuana’s Plascencia family (owners of several of Tijuana’s top restaurants) has re-emerged as an “in” dining venue. So the next time you’re in Tijuana, check out the revolution on Revolución. 

Article by Discover Baja


Rosarito Sexual Diversity March and Health Fair

Date: August 25, 2012
Where: Av. Juarez – Rosarito Beach Hotel

The march will begin in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel and go north.  
The health fair will be at the parking area of the Crown Plaza Hotel. 

More information on facebook

Baja Blues Fest in Rosarito Beach

Where:  Rosarito Beach Hotel
Dates:   August 24th, 25th, 26th, 2012
Time:     varies by day
Cost:     varies by day or event
The first annual International Baja Blues Fest will be held at the Rosarito Beach Hotel on August 24 through 26.  The line up of entertainers includes Lisa Cee, Chet Cannon & The Committee, Stoney B Blues Band, Coyote Mike &  The Wetbacks, 145th Street Blues Band, Michelle Lundeen and more!
For more information see the Blues Fest website
The location in Rosarito Beach is about 20 miles south of the San Diego / San Ysidro border crossing.  You can drive the Scenic Route (toll road) along the ocean or the free road along the inland route.  

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