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CECUT Anniversary

CECUT – Centro Cultural Tijuana is celebrating 31 years with special events throughout October.

Call: 664-687-96-36

The location is a five minute drive, or taxi ride, past the San Ysidro border crossing.


Avenida Revolución’s Revolution

Perhaps no street in Tijuana has been better known to American tourists over the past half century than Avenida Revolución.  Whether it was shopping for clothing, jewelry or leather goods, being photographed with the “zebra-striped” burro, enjoying some tasty comida Mexicana, or taking in some rowdy bar action, Revolución was the place to go. That’s all changed during the past decade.  

With the dwindling numbers of Americans, many afraid to cross the border, most of the small shops and many of the restaurants catering to tourists have closed their doors. But Revolución has been undergoing its own revolution. A new Avenida Revolucion is evolving filled with new art galleries, bookstores, restaurants, cafes and bars. And not catering to the American tourists, but to Tijuana’s residents…the young and the hip as well as the older and more affluent.  Three new arts passages have opened in the past few years and festivals to attract the locals are well attended.  Even Caesar’s Restaurant (home of the famous salad), taken over by Tijuana’s Plascencia family (owners of several of Tijuana’s top restaurants) has re-emerged as an “in” dining venue. So the next time you’re in Tijuana, check out the revolution on Revolución. 

Article by Discover Baja

Festival de la Brasa – Tijuana

Restaurants, wineries and breweries will be present so you can sample and purchase their offerings  Live music and entertainment as well.

Where:   Parking area of CALIENTE Casino Hipodromo
Date:      July 22, 2012
Time:      starts at 12:30 PM
Cost:      Free entry

Rosarito – Marcha de la Diversidad Sexual

When: September 25 – Sunday
Time:  3:00pm
Additional information to follow when known.  

>Cultural Congress Against Homophobia

>Film festival Sponsored by the Tijuana LGBTI Cultural Community (COCUT) at the Palacio de Cultura at Calle 2da and Av. Constitución.  May 18 through 21

Wednesday 18, 8:00 pm Shelter (USES 2007) 97 min. Director: Jonah Markowitz. It relates the history of love of Zach and Shaun in the beaches of California. Zach falls in love with the older brother of its better friend. Both are surfers for which the close contact is insured. In the meantime, Zach becomes father unscripted of its nephew. The movie claims the right of the homosexuals to be able to adopt and to form a family. (With Trevor Wright and Brad Rowe)

Thursday 19, 7:00 pm Crosscurrent (Peru, 2009) 100 min.director: Javier Sources-Lion. The history of a fisherman in a small town of the Peruvian coast trying to reconcile its love by a foreign painter and the next birth of its wife. (José Chacaltana, Manolo Carmona and Tatiana Astengo).

Friday 20, 6:00 pm The boys are well (The kids till all right), USES 2010) 106 min. Director: Smooth Cholodenko. The life of a couple of lesbians staggers when its children decide to contact their biological father; a male alpha unworried and charismatic one that suddenly believes to see resolved their problems of immaturity upon knowing father about two model adolescents. As the title indicates, the boys are the unique with an idea of what happens. (Annette Bening, Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo).

Saturday 21, 6:00 pm My desire in your skin (In soap, Denmark-Sweden 2006). 104 min. Director: Pernille Fischer Christensen. A tragicomedy centered in the relation among a forty-something barber (that has just broken with its boyfriend) and its neighbor: a transsexual in wait of green light to its operation of generic reassignment and obsessed with the soap operas. The interaction among both takes a course that nobody to have predicted. (Trill Dyrholm, David Dencik and Frank Thiel).

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