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Happy New Year 2014

Remember the ñ.
Ano means something totally different!


Ready Lanes come to San Ysidro border crossing

The Otay Mesa crossing has had Ready Lanes for some time and now so does San Ysidro.  Ready Lane access requires that occupants of the vehicle must have RFID documents.  This includes the border crossing card, SENTRI card and Legal Residency card.  The Ready Lane, which is actually four lanes, is accessed from Padre Kino and Via Rapida Oriente.

For more information: CBP Website

Things to do NYE – a short list

See the Tijuana Places Map for more locations and details…CLICK HERE

Zky Blue
Cover 200 pesos
Open Bar until 3am
Calle Madero between 1st and 2nd
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Cover 200 pesos
Open Bar until 2am
Av Larroque at Plaza Viva Tijuana
Reservations at 664-345-88-17 
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Av Revolucion near 1st
Click for details

Camelon Bar
Av Revolucion near 2nd
$5.00 USD Cover
Click for details


Sublimee Bar  
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Pokerface Bar
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Premier Bar
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>Gay Culture in Tijuana


>Believe in Tijuana


>Same-sex marriage proposed for Baja California


>¡Sergio Téllez-Pon de GUAU Telehit en Tijuana!


viernes 21 de mayo
19:45 hrs
Puesto de Sor Juana
Feria Del Libro
Plaza Río Tijuana

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