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Wanna smoke in TJ – stand outside

A few weeks ago there was a change in the local laws that prohibit smoking in bars and clubs in Tijuana.  This change has been rumored for several years ever since smoking was restricted in restaurants.  Other than signs that state NO FUMAR there has not been much change in the clientele and business has not dropped off.  

The most interesting part of the change is that the smoking ban also now applies to outdoor restaurants that have some sort of covering or awning over the tables.  The quick answer was to move more tables farther away so they are not covered by an overhang.  


San Ysidro SENTRI Crossing

Video from showing how to get to SENTRI lane at the San Ysidro crossing in Tijuana.

SENTRI crossing video

Carnaval Ensenada

February 16 – 21
See the program posted at Baja Insider

Tourist tales of police encounters

Peeing in Mexico  An article by Eric Mack

What Not to Do in Tijuana  An article by Charles Clayton

Tijuana Places Updates

See the Tijuana Places map for information. Just click on the name for a review of the place and to see the location.

Tijuana Places

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